Help move goods across the U.S.

Warehouses and third-party logistics (or 3PL) distribution facilities are being built all over the greater St. Louis area in response to major changes in how American households purchase goods. Supply chains are changing fast. Become part of this growing industry! 

Students in our Warehouse program learn how to build boxes, load and unload products, kit goods, get packages ready to ship, and even “pick” orders with the assistance of robots.

Upon successful completion of the program, each graduate will have his or her choice of full- or part-time competitive employment as a warehouse associate. 

Available Courses

General Warehouse Program

Our region is home to several fulfillment and distribution providers specializing in automated order handling, fulfillment, and shipping of small package goods. 

Students in this program will participate in class presentations, discussions, and hands-on training activities. Warehouse training will be completed at Distribution Management in St. Peters. Forklift training will take place at BCI in St. Peters.

Upon successful completion and hiring, students will begin full- or part-time careers as part of a warehouse team that ships all kinds of products all over the world. 

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