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We are Boone Center, Inc. (BCI), and we help people with intellectual and developmental disabilities find jobs they love. For over 60 years, we have been a trusted resource for individuals and families.

We offer real opportunities for meaningful work. Our continuum of programs and services reflects our knowledge that every person has his or her own unique abilities—and every person can contribute.

Our organizational, competitive and vocational training programs are designed to serve individual goals. We focus on full employment, providing support so people can access the work of their choice and ability. Through continuous evaluation and skill development, they may move into any number of employment opportunities. BCI Packaging is the home of our organizational employment program and offers world-class contract packaging and light manufacturing to companies around the world.

Our employment continuum model means we meet people where they are today, where they can be tomorrow, and all the unique journeys in between. Every day we witness the skill, motivation and heart they bring to the job. We watch their success and hear how their spirits change workplaces for the better. Using our skills and expertise to support people with disabilities who want to work, there is no better phrase for us to hear than, “They’re hired!”

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