When high product demand left one of our hygiene manufacturing customers in a pinch, we stepped into action. The customer had 330+ pallets that needed to be reworked for distribution—pronto. We accepted the job and put it on five lines in two different facilities. We met the customer’s due date, the distributor received the reworked product on time and in good order, and everyone was extremely satisfied with the entire process. We often say we’re big enough to get things done but small enough to be flexible, which was certainly the case this time around. And at the end of the day, this particular job left our customer knowing that we will do anything we can to help them.


When a major consumer health manufacturer was dealing with a nonresponsive copacker that couldn’t meet demand, they came to BCI Packaging. Taking on 20 SKUs in the first 12 months, we produced over 600,000 units, proving that we are solutions driven and here to fulfill our customers’ needs. The customer ended up transitioning all co-packing that matched our capabilities to us. Their leadership is thankful for our capacity, flexibility, communication, and transparency.


When a local injection molding company lacked the capacity to label more than half a million pieces, BCI Packaging secured the work. It was intended to be a one-time job. However, after completing the labeling on time and within budget, with incredible account coordination, the customer stopped co-producing and sent us their entire portfolio, saying, “Thank you for doing a great job keeping up with our customers’ demands!”